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Zimmerman Today Paper has been in business for 13 years.  Zimmerman Today was created in 2003 by Steve Conklin. It is a marketing company.    The goal of the company is simple.  Help small to medium size businesses succeed.  How?  Provide them with ways to communicate with their customers.  Where? Through Newspaper Marketing in the local Zimmerman Today Newspaper, created by a seasoned designer. Provide great Printing Services - Direct them in correct Internet Development - Use Common Sense Marketing.  You don't have to leave town Anymore.  Zimmerman now has its own Newspaper and Graphic Design and Marketing Shop.

“How can I attract more customers to my business?”

"Where can I get my business cards designed and printed?"

“I need a good ad to increase traffic in my store!”

“Getting information to shoppers in the Zimmerman area is important!”

Have you ever asked, "How can I attract more customers to my  business?" Here is one answer:  IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE!  The old adage is still true:  Advertising doesn't "cost" -- it "pays!"


1.  The newspaper was originally designed to address such problems, to be something different, something that works.

2.  In addition to your advertising, each issue is filled with stories and articles of local interest to readers in Zimmerman and surrounding communities.

3.  7,000 papers are delivered via U.S. Postal Service  to every mailbox and newsstand in the Zimmerman, Orrock, and Crown areas.

4.  Creative graphic design highlights each business ad - your business ad.


My goal is to help you reach your goal of attracting more customers by:

a. Making each ad unique in appearance and appeal.

b. Working with you to highlight your strengths.

c. Helping you get the most from each of your advertising dollar.

Working together we can make a successful connection between your business and the residents of this area.

Thanks for your interest.

Steve Conklin

Designer of Zimmerman Today


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