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Zimmerman/Livonia Fire District - 763-856-2280


We are honored to provide our services to the great residents of this community.  Each year the Department has a fundraiser.  Come help support your local fire department! Tickets for the dance are available each summer for the Open House and Dance event it early September. You can buy them from members of the department or swing into the hardware store or Uptown Liquor to get them.  Food, drinks, dancing, door prizes, and live music - You do not want to miss it!


Dusty's Drain Cleaning and Plumbing is a family owned business.


They specialize in sewer cleaning and sewer repairs. Offering pipe bursting, pipe lining and spot hole repairs based on your individual needs and specifications.  Dusty's is locally based and provides sewer snaking, sewer repairs, plumbing and video inspection services throughout the entire metro and surrounding areas.


Dusty's Drain Cleaning also provides residential  and commercial jetting services. They provide 24 hour plumbing and sewer services in the greater Twin Cities metro area for over 10 years. All technicians are experienced and respectful.


Call today for your free estimate. 763-286-8741 

Welcome The China House to the Zimmerman Area Chamber of Commerce!  The best Chinese food in town!  We are happy to have you part of the Chamber!   Hours 11:00AM-9:30PM


Call your orders ahead 763-856-3899

EXIT Realty Homefront is your local real estate expert located in Zimmerman and selling properties all over the metro and north of the metro area. Contact EXIT Realty Homefront for all your real estate needs.  763-856-0195 

Garage Door Service and Repair Inc. is available 24/7 in Mpls, St. Paul and the Metro area. Get your garage door repaired, replaced or painted!  Call them today for all your garage door Service needs!  


Call Now: 612-861-4758 or 763-497-7790 

Welcome  High Spirits Dog Training!  

We’re in your corner and we’re all in! Throughout your dog training journey, we’ll be taking a positive approach to dog training and owner coaching focusing on creating and understanding communication between you and your dog. We are clarity, trust, confidence and relief.

 High Spirits Dog Training prides itself on our dedication to you, our clients, and ensuring you are confident, comfortable and enjoying the process. Our mission is to provide owners with the tools and knowledge to understand their dogs. 

We help dogs to become calm, well-mannered companions and help dog owners discover the joy of having a dog that loves to work for them. We help your dog become a true member of the family and reach his full potential. 

High Spirits Dog Training provides private training services and Adventure Dog Classes to Zimmerman and the surrounding areas. Contact us to begin your training journey today! 


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Leaders, Life changers, & legacy 

Pete & Kelly Keiner


 I'm with LifeVantage, and using this very system, I'm creating more time freedom for myself. It starts with nutrigenomics—a validated science that’s revolutionizing the health & wellness industry. I'd love to show you how you can put nutrigenomics to work for you. 


Kelly Cell 612-802-7967  Pete Cell 763-691-3222 

Zimmerman Today Paper is a communications company with a simple goal.


Help small to medium size businesses succeed.  


How?  Provide them with ways to communicate with their customers.  

Where? Direct to Customer Marketing in the local Zimmerman Today paper and to provide professional graphic design and printing services. Finally, direct them into a successful Internet Development plan.   You don't have to leave town to get professional design and marketing done.  Zimmerman now has its own paper, graphic design, and marketing resources right in town at your disposal.


Working together we can make a successful connection between your business and the residents of this area.





Have you ever asked, 

“How can I attract more customers to my business?”

"Where can I get my business cards designed and printed?"

“I need a good ad to increase traffic in my store!”

“Getting information to shoppers in the Zimmerman area is important!”


Here is one answer:  

The old adage is still true:  
Advertising doesn't "cost" -- it "pays!"



1.  The paper was originally designed to address these such questions, to be something different, something that works.

2.  In addition to your advertising, each issue is filled with stories and articles of local interest to readers in the surrounding communities.

3.  7,000 papers are delivered via U.S. Postal Service to every mailbox and newsstand in the Zimmerman, Orrock, and Crown areas.

4.  Creative graphic design highlights each business ad - your business ad can be represented professionally at a low cost.



The goal is to help you reach your goal of attracting more customers by:

a. Making each ad unique in appearance and appeal.

b. Working with you to highlight your strengths.

c. Helping you get the most from each of your advertising dollar.


Thanks for your interest.

Zimmerman Today - Princeton Today - Milaca Today - Elk River Today is in development

Call with questions 763-856-4336

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